Website Design

Website packages tailored to your needs and budget.  All our websites are built using the WordPress platform.  This allows for unlimited pages and a multitude of functionality including galleries, shopping carts, coupons, announcements, social media integration and a whole lot more.  The lowest price we can offer has an element an element of DIY involved.  If you can operate the latest smart phone then you can update and configure your website with minimal fuss.  We offer basic training to get you started and from there the sky’s the limit. Ideal for engaging websites that have frequent news or messages, or for businesses that just want a good clean website that they own 100%

Not interested in being involved in any of the design and developmental aspects, not interested or not confident in any of your “Do it yourself” skills – we can get our team of talented artists to do it all for you with our optional extras.

Business website:

Unlimited pages WordPress website
Author privileges
Standard template/theme
5Gb webspace
10Gb traffic per month
5 email addresses
Daily backups
Basic training program

$500 first year

$100 per year after that

Optional extras

Shopping cart
Premium template/theme
Custom template/theme
Administrator privileges
Domain name account setup
Social media integration
Logo design
SSL website


Website Repair

Many websites have some little bits and pieces that don’t seem quite right, whether it be things out of place, images not lined up, just little things if fixed would make the website look very professional. In the past people have thought that it would be way too expensive to get those things fixed, but now our service offers professional solutions to your website needs. Contact us for a quote

Special Introductory Price From $25 per repair