May 30, 2017

Standard Business Website

Get your business website up and running for as little as $600. Here’s how it works

  1. Installation. We do the heavy lifting in the back end to set you up and host a WordPress website to a domain name that you have registered
  2. Develop your business message – how your customers will identify you.Here are a couple of simple and proven formulas for our business website design, click the links below to help develop your message.
    Pain Promise Proof Proposal
    Pitch anything in 15 seconds
    Start with the WHY model
  3. Visual content. Send us all your medium to high resolution images and/or video, logos etc. all the things you want to appear on your website.
  4. Text content. Words are important on websites. Not only your customers but also for google. We encourage you to write to your style at the same time think about key words that represent your business and industry.
  5. Colour scheme. Bring your website to life with colours that reflect your personality. Here is an online tool to help you with colour combinations.
  6. Assembly. We put all the pieces together for you and create email addresses that you want for your business.
  7. Control and maintain. Access our library of online tutorials to help update news, information and sales on your website.
  8. Spend time running your business.

View sample websites below

Restaurant / Cafe
Fitness Website
Photogrpahy / Artist
Business Professional
Independent Professional
Home Business