GovHack 2017 – open data is the future

Another community hack, another prize winner! Our team was a mixture of new and experienced hackers. Before the start of the event Gold Coast City Council representatives spoke about their new open data policy and it’s definitely progressive. During the competition we discovered many useful data sets that the public can access.

The Queensland state awards in Brisbane was well attended and catered. Brisbane City Council announced their innovation initiative. In the past if you had a solution to a government problem you could present it to council , they would take your idea and IP and contract a large company to administer it at 10 times the cost of a startup. The change now is that the council will listen to your idea in confidence and you have the opportunity to maybe implement a solution as an innovator!

Back to GovHack – it was a success in so many areas and is growing, it’s an event I would highly recommend getting involved in for 2018


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