How to survive a Hackathon as a Rogue

Givebackathon was a 2 day Hack at Fishburners in Brisbane. This was a free event where Barayamal invited 4 indigenous not-for-profit organisations to present their problems to the participants. This was a well run event and I would highly recommend it. Here is what I learnt from the experience.

  • Ask questions and really understand the organisation, not just the problem. This will give you a better insight nito a good solution. I felt like I was interrogating the organisation’s representative, but getting them involved in the solution gives them a sense of ownership.
  • Work with the right team that suits your character. With these hacks that are not competitive based, don’t waste your time pulling your hair out, especially if you don’t win. When looking for a team do a bit of networking and see who you like. This doesn’t work all the time but don’t be afraid to leave a group early. Enjoy the experience and have fun.
  • Find the help of the mentors, a bit of a no-brainer but building those relationships are important as they talk to the other teams and can be a networker between teams as well.
  • Dont’ eat too much pizza, bringing some of your own healthy food is a good idea to keep your sustenance.
  • Solid pitch, it’s all about communicating your vision!

Our team implemented a WordPress solution to help Sevgen convert their donations page into a project based donations experience. We received a prize for our efforts and completed the project to live for Sevgen.

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