Speed Dating Network Meeting

Networking is a good source of off-line marketing, and business networking events is a business in itself.  So it’s time to polish the shoes and off to “Speed Networking put on by Gold Coast Social Business Network at Bar on50 at Bundal.

This was advertised as a meetup.com event and our host Angela was amazing in making new comers feel welcome and keeping everyone in line.  There was about 40 business owners that attended and at 3 minutes per person to discuss/sell/poach/date/introduce your business – half an hour absolutely flew by.  It was definitely fast and furious, Lou’s and engaging. Remember to always have a drink with you and bring plenty of business cards.  You don’t get to meet everyone but that’s ok, it gives you an excuse to return for more.

It was an orderly affair and I would definitely reccommend it to all business owners new or established.  It’s always going to be a bit hit and miss in any group event, you can’t say that you are going to strike 100% new clients, but it’s about the follow-up and continuing relationships.

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