March 24, 2016


Magnesium Media Group is a multimedia and social media solution for your business or not-for-profit organisation.

Our vision is that small business and not-for-profits are going to be the next wave of high quality content producers. They have great knowledge and experience that would benefit the online community and at the same time give them marketing exposure.

Our major focus is on video media content that individuals can produce with minimal fuss. Why we think video is now:

  • entertainment value and digestible format
  • additional income though monetisation of video channel
  • global exposure and opportunities
  • leverage off social media sharing

Other products to help you:

  • online video campaigns of your small business (raising profile, develop online profile)
  • personalised video templates (introduction and conclusion of video to insert into your content)
  • social media account setting and cross integration (setup of social media accounts and cross integration of accounts)
  • basic website hosting and management (wordpress, emails)
  • diy tutorials (ongoing personal development)

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